Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Commitment to Safety

"Living to be Safe and Accident Free"

Safety is our culture, and our employees are our most valuable resource. We have established a culture of caring for our people, and it is through this culture that we encourage them to believe in safety and to do things the “Safe Way.” We observe the best safety practices to:

  • Provide a safe work place for employees, subcontractors, and general public
  • Strive for the highest safety standards on our jobsites
  • Train and educate our employees so they are knowledgeable of the safety rules and standards to ensure their own safety as well as their coworkers

Just like every project that we construct, our safety program begins with a foundation, a culture of safety absolutes; those practices which must be observed with no exception. This foundation is supported by the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values of all employees, starting with our leadership, whose daily routine is focused on the key principle that safety is the most important item each and every day. Safety is what we believe, and we will continue to create a community focused on safety and family.

 Industry Recognition

  • NRC – Safe Contractor Award (Platinum Award)
  • AGC/Willis – National Construction Safety and Excellence Award
  • AGC Maryland – Zero Lost Time, Incident Rate 25% Below Peer Group, and Annual Improvement 25% or Greater categories
  • National Safety Council – Occupational Excellence Achievement Award
  • Elizabeth River Tunnel – Safety Crew of the Month Award


Recent Awards

Fay was recognized for its outstanding safety culture by winning 3rd place in the National AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards - Highway Division for more than 1,000,000 man–hours.