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Industrial Construction Expertise

i+iconUSA companies have provided private clients operating in the industrial sector a variety of competencies; including general contracting, earthwork, demolition, utility installation, and new construction for buildings and other types of facilities.

We have worked closely with established designers, architects, and engineers as part of design-build teams for the construction of assorted projects, leading to the successful completion of various structures while saving our clients money through this streamlined process.

Our projects often include the involvement of numerous parties. Through our established relationships, i+iconUSA can manage all aspects of a project’s development, including the permitting and compliance process. We can provide turnkey construction from the site development stage all the way through final construction for an assortment of projects.

Union Bridge Quarry Replacement

This greenfield site quarry is being developed for mining and processing of limestone. Fay’s work includes installation of box culverts and several foundations for the ultimate installation of a 4.5-mile conveyor system to enable the client to transport crushed limestone from the quarry to its cement plant.

Steel Mill Site Demolition

This project involved the controlled demolition of two 100-year-old blast furnaces that produced molten iron, as well as eight boilers and multiple buildings, while maintaining adjacent at-grade rail traffic during operations. The site is being transformed into an industrial park to support metal recycling and shale gas operations.

Central Florida Theme Park Duct Bank Installation

This project is to install 1,200 lf of electrical duct bank and 600 lf of communications duct bank. To accomplish this, other tasks are being performed: removing the existing roadway, excavating, concrete reinforcement and encasement, as well as back-fill operations.