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Ports and Waterways Construction Expertise

i+iconUSA has extensive experience completing complex construction projects in and surrounding waterways. Our work has involved locks and dams, ports, bridges, pilings, boat landings, terminal facilities, cofferdam/mooring cells, and waterfront development, such as river walls and river walks. From wetlands to rivers to lakes, i+iconUSA has it all covered.

To perform these construction services, i+iconUSA has direct access to a marine fleet including floating barges, crawler cranes, and boats. Using this equipment gives us the ability to construct projects directly in the water, when necessary.

New St. Petersburg Pier Construction, Marine Package

i+iconSOUTHEAST is constructing a new 148,000 sf concrete pier supported on more than 400 concrete piles, utilizing barges and heavy equipment to work from the water. The pier will be constructed from landside toward the east, allowing us to work from the completed structure as it is built.

Charleroi Locks and Dam River Chamber Monoliths Construction

Fay is constructing the reinforced concrete middle wall monoliths M-22 to M-27 along the Monongahela River. Our work also includes building steel cofferboxes to perform the monolith construction, operating an on-site batch plant, demolition of the existing river wall, and relocating utilities.

Marine Construction for Early Works Plant

This marine construction project is on the site of a proposed new cracker plant. The scope of work includes the construction of two riverfront docking/bulkhead facilities, replacing mooring dolphins, and installing 600 pipe piles.