Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions


i+iconSOUTHEAST is a diversified infrastructure contractor recognized for innovative solutions to complex construction projects, serving the geographical region from Southern Virginia through Florida and into the Caribbean. The firm is committed to providing construction services in a manner that ensures the safety of employees, customers, and the neighboring communities.

We specialize in bridge structures, such as our Route 35 Bridge Design-Build Replacement project; marine construction, such as the new St. Petersburg Pier; as well as pilings and deep foundations on projects, such as the AREVA Nuclear Plant Site Preparation, where we drove 5,800 concrete piles.


Why choose the i+iconUSA Family of Companies?
  • Nationally recognized safety culture
  • Client focused approach
  • Recognized partnering practices
  • Industry leader in innovative solutions and methods
  • Highly experienced and qualified employees


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