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Core Competencies


Fay DemoWe have experience in demolition of hundreds of bridges, dams, mass concrete areas, steel structures, and concrete substructures. Completing difficult projects with limited access, tight schedules, and the need for efficient material handling fosters our success. Our extensive fleet of excavator-mounted hydraulic hammers and shears enables us to excel in conventional demolition operations. In addition, our high reach capabilities and ability to hoe ram concrete underwater give us a competitive edge in the concrete demolition marketplace. Our team has demonstrated the skill and expertise to perform the most calculated steel dismantling by heavy rigging and hoisting over active improvements where felling the structure is not feasible. Additionally, we have performed both mechanical and explosive demolition above and below water. 


Earthwork & Utilities

Fay Earthwork CCWith decades of experience performing site work, such as grading, excavation, and utilities, our team has completed many earthwork projects. These include mass excavations up to 12 million cy of dirt and excavation in hard rock conditions (compressive strengths upwards of 25,000 psi). We are also renowned for emergency repair work, including repairs to roadways damaged from landslides. Our utility work includes underground piping for potable water, sanitary and storm sewers, steam distribution lines, and electrical and communication duct banks. 



SE Theme Park CompThemed construction requires extreme attention to aesthetics and minimizing interruptions to tourists and operations. Our personnel have experience in major theme park construction and cruise line out island development. Our staff has experience in attractions and facilities, including the self-performance of demolition, earthwork, site utilities, themed elements, and area development.



Fay Marine CCHaving successfully completed many federal, state, local, and private marine projects, our personnel have the experience to perform excavation, trenching, and scour protection of underwater structures from barges on the water. We have extensive experience completing complex construction and demolition in and over water, including at locks and dams, as well as for major and minor bridges over water. We are also experienced at waterfront development, including river walls, river walks, boat landings, terminal facilities, cofferdam cells, and mooring cells. Our experience also includes scour protection and remediation at locks and dams, bridge substructures, dock facilities and underwater structures.


Piling and Foundations

Fay Piling CCWe specialize in foundation pile driving and sheet pile construction used for the support of buildings, bridges, and other structures. This work includes all types of driven piles - wood, steel, concrete, or a combination of these. Team members have experience driving precast concrete pile ranging from 12” – 54” in lengths up to 180’, steel pipe pile ranging from 12” diameter to 72” diameter up to 199’ long weighing up to 330,000 lbs., sheet pile installation for cofferdams up to 120' in length, and retaining wall systems for shoring protection. We have driven pipe piles for pier foundations for bridge spans, timber piles for support of concrete box culverts, concrete-filled pipe piles for equipment foundations in power plants, and H-Beam piles for foundation supports and slabs on grade.


Roadway & Structures

Fay Structures CCOur nation’s transportation infrastructure is vitally important and i+iconUSA’s companies include experts within the industry, having performed vehicular bridges over land or water, pedestrian bridges, and scenic bridges through wetlands. Our personnel are well versed in pile driving, CIP concrete, steel and concrete girders, asphalt, and guardrails. We have successfully completed projects for all levels of government as well as for commercial customers. Our concrete expertise includes designing various structures; especially those of the most complex nature, including in and around water such as bridges, dolphins, docks, while forming and pouring high piers, walls, and abutments. Our project experience also includes structural rehabilitation such as steel repairs, deck replacement and spall repairs on bridges. Rehabilitation efforts also include work on dams, such as installing gates, replacing bulkheads, and stabilization of river chambers.